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Elements of X-Ray Diffraction 3/e

저자 : Cullity, Stock 

역자 :  

가격 : \39,000 

ISBN-10 : 0131788183    ISBN-13 : 9780201610918 

출판사 : Prentice Hall 

출판년 : 2001

페이지 : 664 pages

관련자료 :

This revision of a classical text is intended to acquaint the reader, who has no prior knowledge of the subject, with the theory of x-ray diffraction, the experimental methods involved, and the main applications. The text is a collection of principles and methods designed directly for the student and not a reference tool for the advanced reader 


1. Properties of X-rays.
2. Geometry of Crystals.
3. Diffraction I: Directions of Diffracted Beams.
4. Diffraction II: Intensities of Diffracted Beams.
5. Diffraction III: Non-Ideal Samples.
6. Laure Photographs.
7. Powder Photographs.
8. Diffractometer and Spectrometer.
9. Orientation and Quality of Single Crystals.
10. Structure of Polycrystalline Aggregates.
11. Determination of Crystal Structure.
12. Precise Parameter Measurements.
13. Phase-Diagram Determination.
14. Order-Disorder Transformation.
15. Chemical Analysis of X-ray Diffraction.
16. Chemical Analysis by X-ray Spectrometry.
17. Measurements of Residual Stress.
18. Polymers.
19. Small Angle Scatters.
20. Transmission Electron Microscope. 


Cullity, Deceased, University of Notre Dame
Stock, Georgia Institute of Technology 


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