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Global Political Economy 6/e

저자 : Ravenhill 

역자 :  

가격 : \42,000 

ISBN-10 : 0198820642    ISBN-13 : 9780198820642 

출판사 : Oxford 

출판년 : 2020

페이지 : 536 pages

관련자료 :

An expert team of international authors present a diverse and comprehensive selection of theories and issues, carefully brought together by experienced editor John Ravenhill. Crucially, debates are presented through a critical lens to encourage students to unpack claims, form independent views, and challenge assumptions. This text is the only introduction to global political economy that lets students learn from the very top scholars in the field.

Now in its sixth edition, this highly successful textbook has been thoroughly updated with contemporary real word examples, including the impact of the Trump administration, Brexit, and economic nationalism. Furthermore, new analysis has been added on the international political economy of work, labour, and energy. This ensures that Global Political Economy is the most up-to-date and relevant textbook on the subject available. This book is supported by online resources designed to help students take their learning further. 


Part I Theoretical Approaches to Global Political Economy
1: The Study of Global Political Economy, John Ravenhill
2: The Historical Roots of Theoretical Traditions in Global Political Economy, Matthew Watson
3: Cooperation and Conflict in the Global Political Economy, Cedric Dupont and Vinod Aggarwal
4: The Domestic Sources of Foreign Economic Policies, Michael J Hiscox
Part II Global Trade and Production
5: The Evolution of the Global Trade Regime, Ann Capling and Silke Trommer
6: Regional Trade Agreements, John Ravenhill
7: The Globalization of Production, Eric Thun
Part III Global Finance
8: The Evolution of the International Monetary and Financial System, Eric Helleiner
9: The Political Economy of Global Financial Crises, Louis W Pauly
Part IV Globalization and the State
10: The Logics of Economic Globalization, Anthony McGrew
11: Globalization and its Impact on States, Colin Hay
Part V Development, Equality, and the Environment
12: Growth, Inequality and Poverty, Robert Hunter Wade
13: The Political Economy of Development, Nicola Phillips
14: The Political Economy of the Environment, Peter Dauvergne 


John Ravenhill Director of the Balsillie School of International Affairs and Professor of Political Science, University of Waterloo, Canada 


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