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Optics 5/e

저자 : Hecht 

역자 :  

가격 : \53,000 

ISBN-10 : 1292096934    ISBN-13 : 9781292096933 

출판사 : Pearson 

출판년 : 2017

페이지 : 722 pages

관련자료 :

NEW AND UPDATED! New illustrations, photos, and revised art are included throughout the text, enhancing the already outstanding visual pedagogy of the book.
*UPDATED! Promoting the balance of theory and instrumentation, this comprehensive text provides students with a classical background to ensure success in their field.
*NEW! A non-mathematical introduction sets the stage for traditional presentation in Optics.
*NEW! Traditional discussion of interference is extended, using phasors to graphically represent electric-field amplitudes, giving students an alternative way to visualize and understand core elements.
*NEW! Graphical analysis is used in addition to the standard, mathematical treatment of Fourier series to conceptually show what the integrals are actually doing to promote student comprehension.
*NEW! A complete Wave Motion section includes helical waves and an added section on Twisted Light.
*NEW! Divergence and Curl Comprehension ensures students’ understanding of the physical correspondence of divergence and curl in simple terms.
*NEW! Understanding Negative Refraction is an active area of contemporary research, which is explained in refined yet simple terms along with a brief introduction to the basic physics involved.
*NEW! Constructing Refracted Rays highlights the method devised by Huygens Optics and allows a convenient way to appreciate refraction in anisotropic crystals.
*NEW! The Geometrical Optics is a collection of new art which clearly illustrates the behavior of lenses and mirrors, along with additional remarks on fiberoptics; including the subsections Virtual Objects, Focal-Plane Ray Tracing, and Holey/Microstructured Fibers.
*NEW! Fourier Optics includes a new subsection, Two-Dimensional Images, and contains a remarkable series of illustrations depicting how spatial frequency components combine to create images.
*NEW! The Modern Optics contains an enriched and updated treatment of lasers accompanied by tables and illustrations and includes a subsection on Optoelectronic Image Reconstruction.
*Coherence is introduced early on in the text and leads immediately into a discussion of Young's Experiments. To underscore the quantum mechanical nature of interference, many optical interference photos are accompanied by equivalent material particle fringe patterns.
*Complete solutions to many problems are included at the back of the text providing an invaluable study aide for students. 


1: A Brief History
2: Wave Motion
3: Electromagnetic Theory, Photons, and Light
4: The Propagation of Light
5: Geometrical Optics
6: More on Geometrical Optics
7: The Superposition of Waves
8: Polarization
9: Interference
10: Diffraction
11: Fourier Optics
12: Basics of Coherence Theory
13: Modern Optics: Lasers and Other Topics 




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